Restore the Glory of your Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors can last the lifetime of your home. Having them professionally refinished or replaced brings new life to your home. Our professionals use only the best sanding equipment and superior finishes ensuring there will be no swirls or bubbles in your Flooring & Hardwood.

What Can We Do For Your Flooring & Hardwood?

Hardwood Flooring Install

Hardwood floors can dramatically change a room for the better. Hardwood floors come in a wide variety of wood types, finishing colors and cuts. Let's find a hardwood floor in your budget.

Hardwood Veneer

Here's an option for homeowners on a budget. Hardwood veneer doesn't have a single piece of wood  for each board. Instead it'a made with a hardwood or plywood core topped with veneer.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floor refinishing is less expensive than a total replacement and less wasteful. It consist of sanding off the original finish, then it's  smoothed and covered with a new finish.

Tile Installation

Tiles can transform a bathroom or kitchen in many different ways. That's why we carry a wide variety of materials like Porcelain, Granite, Limestone, Glass, Ceramic, Marble and more.

General Floor Repair

Hardwood flooring can last as long as your house stands but even the best owners can have accidents. Your floor can get damaged over the years from temperature and normal wear and tear.

Tile Stain Removal

Stains can be a real eyesore and can weigh on your mind, especially for homeowners that take pride in maintaining a spotless home. We can remove tricky tile stains in your home.

Kitchen Backsplash

Upgrading your kitchen is one of the fastest ways to increase your homes value. If you don't want to redo your kitchen but want a new look, consider a new backsplash in your kitchen.

Bathroom Tile

Tiles are a necessity for rooms that get wet like the bathroom but that doesn't mean they can't be stylish. Whether you want mosaic, porcelain or ceramic tiles we can provide them.

Regrouting Tiles

Cleaning the grout between tiles can be back breaking work. Most of the time it yields mixed results and it's not worth it. Just call in our cleaning experts to get the job done and avoid the back ache.

When decorating your home, there is one thing that brings the whole room together: the flooring.

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