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Tablet Repair

If you have ever cracked your Tablet you realize how hard life can be without movies, apps or music. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have to go to a dealer and get a new tablet. ONCALLERS® can fix your tablet and keep it up and running for a lot less money.


Common Tablet issues

The Tablet is one of the greatest technologies to come out in the last 10 years but even the best can have problems. The most common problem is a cracked phone or screen. Sometimes it’s called ADH (Accidental Damage from Handling) and ONCALLERS® can fix that. Many screens can be fixed within one hour! Other problems include battery damage (slow charge or bubbling up), headphone jacks are dirty, home button is jammed or broken, volume buttons are sticking or the charging port is malfunctioning.


We have many different ways to get your devices repaired with ONCALLERS®

We have a number of choices for all our customers to get their devices repaired. The traditional way is to walk right in to one of our stores and have one of our friendly techs take care of you. Some repairs can be done within one hour! Set up an appointment and save even more time by bypassing the line.

Don’t have time to come to one of our stores? No problem! Call us at 855-WE-FIX-99 and have one of our techs come to you for no additional cost (subject to a pick-up radius and driver availability). Are you to far away to visit our store or get a pick up? Again, ONCALLERS® has a solution. Check out our mail-in and repair service.

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