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Grout Services

Grout is very important for your tiles and here’s several reasons why. It evens out inconsistencies with tile size and prevents damage to the tiles from your home settling or flexing due to weather. Bathrooms and Kitchens can suffer from water damage and mold if grout isn’t applied in-between tiles. The grout you can see on the surface and underneath can also suffer from water damage including growth of mold and mildew. ONCALLERS® handyman contractors can help make your grout last long and prevent damage to your tile. Schedule our grout services today by calling us at (773) 696-5106 or making an appointment on our website.


Grout Services Provided

Full Grout/Tile Replacement

Full Tile/Grout Replacement includes the process of removing the old tile, grout and caulk, then installing new tile, grout and caulk. In some cases the grout must be sanded down but not in all cases.

Grout/Tile Repair

Grout/Tile Repair is a little bit more affordable than a Full Tile/Grout Replacement (this service is great for customers with a few damaged tiles or grout sections).

Grout/Tile Cleaning

Our Handymen can clean your grout, stone and tile thoroughly. Grout/tile absorbs a lot through the years including dirt, liquids, soap and grime. Don't let your grout/tile turn ugly colors.

Grout Sealing

Remember when we mentioned that your grout absorbs a lot of outside substances? After cleaning the grout our handymen can add a sealer to help prevent future damage to your grout/tile.

Grout Re-coloring

Sometimes your grout just looks dirty even after you scrub it. Our handyman can help with a sealer that can recolor your grout to match its original appearance. Great for an older bathroom that needs a touch up.


Caulk is used in your bathroom/kitchen to protect the home where your wall and tile come into contact (sink, tub, shower). Some good reasons to re-caulk is to remove black mold that can grow behind original caulking.

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