Water Heater Installation

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What's included with this service?

  • Mounting of new customer-supplied water heater
  • Attaching water pipes and any needed gas lines
  • Clean up and testing of the water heater
  • New parts are not included
  • Must have existing water heater - Some areas require special permits for this service. Depending on your location, a pro may need to acquire proper documents at an additional cost.


Why should I hire a pro to do my water heater installation?

Water heater installation involves trying to connect two systems in your home: plumbing and either gas or electric. Without the proper training and experience, it can be unsafe to work with plumbing, gas, and electric to do a water heater installation. Hiring a professional to do your water heater installation can be the safest way to protect your family and your investment in your home.


How can I tell if my water heater is gas or electric?
Gas water heaters have a black, 1/2 inch pipe or a copper 1/4-inch pipe running into the bottom of the tank to deliver the gas, and a 3- or 4-inch PVC pipe on the top of the tank to vent the system. Gas water heaters don't have cords. Electric water heaters don't have a venting system or gas-delivery pipes at the bottom. Instead, they have a wire going into the top or side of the water heater.

Water Heater Installation | Plumbing Services

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