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TV Mount Installation

Did you just buy a brand new flat screen TV and now you want to mount it on your wall? TV Mounting seems like a relatively simple project. But what happens after hours of getting this TV Mount up and you find out the TV’s crooked or isn’t secure? A professional handyman can get it done right the first time, test the hardware’s safety and possibly save you money in wall damage. Schedule below or call us at (773) 696-5106.


What To Know Before You Get Your TV Mounted

What's included in TV Mounting

What does this include?

  • Starting estimate is for one TV mounting for one customer provided TV Mount.
  • Securing the TV and Load Testing the Hardware.
  • Contractor will secure wires to wall (this is not a cord cover).
What a customer need to do before a TV Mounting

What does the Customer need to do?

  • Have the TV and Power cord on hand before service begins.
  • Show the contractor what wall and level you want the TV to be mounted.
  • Provide a TV Mount or ask the Contractor to purchase one and include it in a revised estimate.
Other TV Mounting Notes

Other Notes

  • Our contractors will mount on Drywall and Brick.
  • Our contractors will NOT mount on Limestone or Veneer.
  • These starting estimates include securing the cords to the wall. Estimates do NOT include putting wires in wall or using a cord cover to conceal them.

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