Sink Installation

Traditionally, the kitchen or bathroom sink was dull and practical at best, ugly at worst. Thankfully, that’s all changed. In fact, sinks and faucets have become one of the best ways to show off your personality and taste – not to mention get some really great features too. Let our pros take care of your sink installation quickly and safely. Schedule your Sink Installation right now! Call 773-696-5106 for more information on Sink Installation.

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Common Sink Installation Questions

What's included?

  • Removing the existing sink from the current location
  • Unpacking/inspecting new customer-supplied sink (indoor only)
  • Preparing site for sink replacement
  • Mounting, sealing and connecting new sink
  • Service is for the sink and sinks piping only, not faucet components
  • Last, we test your faucet and clean up


Why should I hire a pro to do my sink installation?

Sink installation or Sink replacement seem like they would be easier to complete than they often are. First, the job requires the purchase of a few specialized tools to do it well. Secondly, you’ll need to determine how the water is connected to the faucet, and then shut it off from the shutoff valves, if possible, or main water supply to the house, if there aren’t shutoff valves. Finally, once the old sink comes off, a pro can best evaluate the condition of the pipes and fasteners hidden beneath the faucet, determine if they need to be repaired, and then possibly repair the pipes if needed so that the sink installation is successful. Also, sink installation often requires removing other fixtures, like a garbage disposal and P-trap, and pipes under the sink to access the drain lines and faucet fittings.

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