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Mowing Service


A great looking lawn is more than just something to increase your home value or make your neighbors jealous. When you have a healthy lawn your family and environment benefit around you. A nice, well-kept lawn with a deep root system provides erosion, runoff control and water purification for the water that seeps into your subsurface groundwater. Healthy grass helps us breath easier and cools are yard, which can make your air conditioning bill cheaper. Let our mowing service keep your yard looking nice and healthy with our weekly mowing services. Schedule an online appointment or call (773) 696-5106 for more information.


Mowing Service Explained

Edging | Mowing

Weekly Mowing Service includes:

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Trimming around trees, landscapes, etc
  • Edging the walks and drives
  • Blow clippings from walkways
Weekly Mowing

Mowing Starting Rates

  • Each lawn is unique, which means estimates can vary but most one time single mowing is around $50 (Northwest Suburbs and North Chicago)
  • We provide $25 weekly mowing service with recurring appointments (minimum 4 purchases)
  • Recurring services are provided with weekly or bi-weekly options
  • All recurring mowing and one-time mowing prices can change with larger lot sizes and other unique lot types

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