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Common Toilet Installation Questions

What's included with toilet installation?
  • We remove and haul away your old toilet
  • Prepping of soil pipe, flange, and wax ring
  • Setting of the customer-supplied bowl, tank, and seat
  • Bolting toilet base to flange


Why should I get a pro to do my toilet installation?
There's the gross factor with toilet replacement. Also, working with your home's plumbing system can be unsafe and difficult to do correctly without the proper plumbing training.


What do I need to do before my installation?

Please make sure you have on hand the toilet you'd like installed, with all the bolts and screws that came with it—as well as your choice of seat—before your toilet installation appointment. Please note: Typically, the toilet and seat are sold separately for your toilet replacement. The plumber will provide the plumbing components, such as a wax ring and the correct-size water supply hoses. Also, the pro will remove and haul away your old toilet if you'd like for this toilet installation service. Additional charges may be added by the plumber for toilet installation, to cover the cost of any additional parts or labor required to complete your specific toilet installation service.

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