Spring Cleaning: Why re-grouting is important for your bathroom.

Spring Cleaning is right around the corner! And the goal is to clean, organize and rejuvenate your home. When you get to your bathroom, don’t skip your tile and grout! Here are a few reasons why you should have us re-grout your bathroom.


Cleaning your tile and grout will require a significant amount of time, strength and determination. Grout can last for a very long time if it isn’t exposed to too much water and chemicals. Let’s keep in mind, grout is porous and will collect dirt, debris and grime.


In most cases, “cleaning” isn’t always the solution to this problem. And regardless how determined you may be, sometimes it is time to replace and re-grout. Grout that is cracked or damaged, should be replaced as soon as possible. Loose and cracked tiles could indicate a larger structural issue than just cracked grout. The longer that grout is compromised, the more likely water is to damage seek through the foundation behind your tile, and cause issues like mold.


On the bright side, replacing the grout does have its benefits. Here are a few:

• Time

• Clean Appearance

• Prevents mold and bacteria

• A 3-5 year maintenance

• It increases the value of your home

Skip the cleaning gloves, baking soda, and harsh chemicals. Let the pros take care of it.

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