iPhone 7 Plus Free Diagnostic Service

iPhone 7 Free Diagnostic Service

Is Your iPhone 7 Plus acting a little strange?

Is your iPhone 7 Plus acting a little odd? Screen have dead pixels, sound issues, browser issues, or anything else acting up? Our iPhone 7 Plus Free diagnostic services can figure out just what your device needs. Our goal is to have you back to your daily life with a fully functional phone.

Apple released its latest iPhone model, the iPhone 7 Plus, in September of 2016. With a brand new 12 MP wide angle front and rear cameras, dust and water resistance frame, an A10 Fusion Chip, Retina HD display, stereo speakers, and iOS 10, this is Apple’s most powerful phone yet. ONCALLERS® has all of your iPhone 7 Plus repair services and we carry many accessories to make life with your phone better.

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Lifetime Warranty
on all Parts & Labor

All parts and labor that ONCALLERS® provide are covered by a lifetime warranty. If your repaired device seems to be having issues after a repair, please visit us right away for warranty solutions. We will be happy to diagnose and replace any defective parts that were used during the original repair. Please keep in mind that the warranty does not cover physical damage (such as broken screen) or water damage done to the device after the initial repair.



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Experienced Technicians

Our Technicians are trained in all the major devices to give you the best repair experience. They know the insides of an iPhone and Samsung like the back of their own hand.

Premium Quality Parts

ONCALLERS's uses the best parts available and we constantly test them. Many repair shops use the cheapest after market parts. We don't use cheap after market parts because we want your repair to last and extend your device's life.

Lifetime Warranty

ONCALLERS's Lifetime Warranty covers both the parts used and the labor for your repair. Should you have any problems with your device after your repair, we’ll get it fixed real fast!