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Computer Repair Services

Is your Desktop Computer or Laptop moving slow, getting unwanted pop-ups or have a broken screen? Don’t let any of those problems get in the way of your business, school or personal work! Come on down to one of the many Oncallers locations and have our technicians take care of your computer. We can have it done quick and fixed right.

Oncallers has the ability to repair Macs or PC’s. You don’t need an appointment but can schedule one if you prefer to get ahead of the rush. Whatever is convenient in your busy life.

Don’t have time to bring your Desktop computer or Laptop to one of our walk-in locations? No worries! We can schedule a pick up and look over your computer at no extra cost and when we’re done, we will delivery back to you for free also! You only pay for Parts and Labor.

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ONCALLERS® Repairs Macs & PC Computers

Computers We Repair

ONCALLERS® Repairs Mac Computers
ONCALLERS® Repairs PC Computer

Common Computer Repairs

ONCALLERS® Gets rid of Computer Viruses

Computer Virus Removal & Protection

Whether you have unwanted pop-ups or a virus has actually been detected, ONCALLERS® can help get your computer running right and protected. Most viruses are just there to cause chaos but some are used to steal credit card numbers and other sensitive data. Don’t wait long, contact us and let’s get your computer up to speed.

ONCALLERS® Fixes Broken Laptop LCD

Cracked Computer LCD Screen

Your smartphone isn’t the only device you own that can have a busted screen. If your LCD is cracked or has a few blown pixels ONCALLERS® can fix or replace it quickly. Don’t let your device stop your work or school assignment. Bring it in to one of our many walk-in locations or let us come and pick it up at no extra cost!

ONCALLERS® Provides Computer Tune-ups

Computer Tune-up and Optimization

Computer performances can decline overtime because of malware, unnecessary files buildup, and system and application updates. ONCALLERS® can diagnosis the problems and optimize your computer with a short turn around time. A computer tune-up can help you get you back to full speed and working on your next project.

ONCALLERS® Updates Software and Hardware on Computers

Software & Operating System Update

Want to update your computer’s hardware or software but you have no clue how? Don’t worry, ONCALLERS® can help you with both problems. Hardware can be difficult to install if you don’t know your way around a computer. No one wants a slow or broken computer, bring it in today and let us get it fixed.

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